New Zealand Visa in 2022

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Before you arrive in New Zealand, you will need to prove that you have a ticket to go out of the country. You will also need to prove that you have enough money to live while you are here.

Having a valid passport and the right type of visa is key to a trouble-free entry into New Zealand. The Visitor Visa allows you to live and holiday in New Zealand for 9 months at the most.

What Documents are Required for a New Zealand Visitor Visa?

The following documents are required by Indians to obtain a New Zealand Visitor Visa.

  • Duly completed (Form No. INZ 1017) New Zealand Visitor Visa Application Form.
  • Your valid passport for at least 3 months from the intended date of departure from New Zealand.
  • Proof of funds to buy one or an onward ticket from New Zealand.
  • Proof of funds to sustain during your stay in New Zealand.
  • A sponsorship form is required for Temporary Entry when a New Zealand resident is supporting you.
  • Proof of travel insurance.

Note: There is no visa on arrival facility for Indian citizens. Indian Nationality passport holders are required to obtain a Visitor Visa before entering New Zealand. You will be required to submit the following documents along with your visa application.

You will need to have either of these. Unless your visa letter or visa label fails to say “Return / Onward Travel Not Required”.

The New Zealand embassy or consulate issuing visa ensures that.

  • Travel authorization and a ticket to the country you want to enter.
  • Any permanent residents willing to pay for travel tickets out of New Zealand to the country you plan to move further.

How to Apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa?

The first step is to gather information needed to be provided with the Visitor Visa application.

You need to prove or provide documents as well.

  • You should be in good health and bear a good character.
  • You will get a label in your passport or a letter when your Visitor Visa is approved.
  • The expiry date of the visa will be mentioned here.
  • You will require another visa to stay back in New Zealand after that.
  • New Zealand Visitor Visa is not extendable.
  • You will be considered and deported as an illegal migrant if your visa expires while you are still in New Zealand.

People from Visa-Waiver countries can travel to New Zealand without a Visitor Visa but should hold an NZeTA (New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority) Visa.

How Much Does a New Zealand Visitor Visa Cost?

The cost of a New Zealand Visitor Visa depends upon the method you use to apply. It usually costs less to apply online.

New Zealand Visitor Visa Fee

Standard Processing USD 57
Rushed Processing USD 77
Super Rush Processing USD 97

What is the Processing Time for a New Zealand Tourist Visa?

You can check out the status of your New Zealand Visitor Visa application online.

Average processing times for Visitor Visa (Holiday Visa) as per New Zealand immigration services statistics are as given below:

  • 50% of Visitor Visa applications are completed within 76 days.
  • 75% of Visitor Visa applications are completed within 90 days.
  • 90% of Visitor Visa applications are completed within 120 days.

How long can you stay in New Zealand on a Tourist Visa?

In 18 months, you can visit New Zealand as a tourist for 9 months.

  • These 18 months are calculated backwards from the last day you plan to be in New Zealand.
  • Your 18-month period will start on 1st June of the year before if you will be leaving New Zealand by 1st December.

In 24 months, you can apply for an extension and stay for 12 months if you meet the following conditions.

  • You require more time to complete the tourist itinerary.
  • You are unable to leave New Zealand for reasons beyond your control.
  • You are applying for residence in New Zealand for the first time.

However, you must be financially supported to apply for another 3 months’ stay in New Zealand. You should not work or study during your stay.

Visitors staying in New Zealand for a total of 12 months will have to remain outside New Zealand for another 12 months before applying for another Visitor Visa.

What is a New Zealand Visitor Visa?

The New Zealand Visitor Visa allow you to visit the country and do the following

  • Visit friends and family.
  • Enjoy amateur sports or adventure activities.
  • Study for up to 3 months.

See that you include your partner and dependent children in the Visitor Visa application.

What are the Eligibility Requirements for a New Zealand Tourist Visa?

You will require an NZeTA and not a Visitor Visa if you fulfill the following.

The immigration officer will see to that.

  • You are an Australian citizen or resident.
  • You can stay up to 6 months in New Zealand if you are a UK citizen and/or passport holder.
  • Citizens from Visa-Waiver agreement countries can stay in New Zealand for 3 months.
Here are what Transit Visa applicants will need to do for a visa –
  • Complete the INZ 1019 Transit Visa Application form.
  • Provide a copy of the passport number page showing the photo and information.
  • Travel tickets to the country you have a right to entry.
  • Other evidence of onward travel arrangements if any.
  • Confirmed travel itinerary that includes relevant arrival and departure times to and from New Zealand.
  • Any other evidence or information demonstrating that you are eligible to be granted a Transit Visa.

These documents should accompany your original passport, passport-sized photos, and the normal Transit Visa fee. On average transit, visa applications are cleared within 7 working days.

Start your visa application here.

Bahamas Bermuda Bolivia
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Indonesia Kiribati Nauru
Palau Panama Paraguay
Peru Philippines Papua New Guinea
Solomon Islands Samoa Thailand
Tonga Tuvalu Vanuatu
Federated States of Micronesia Republic of Marshall Islands


You will need to apply for entry permission once you arrive in New Zealand. For this complete the arrival card given to you on the way to New Zealand.

People wanting to travel in and out of New Zealand must provide multiple entry travel conditions to return to the country. These Travel Visa documents and/or conditions are usually included in the visa letter or printed on the visa label.

A Visitor Visa or NZeTA is required before you join any cruise arriving in New Zealand.

Also, ensure that you have the following if you are flying into New Zealand to join a cruise.

  • An NZeTA certificate if you are from a country enrolled in the Visa Waiver program.
  • A Visitor Visa if you are from other countries.

Only New Zealand and Australian citizens will not require any of the two.

  • Others will be deemed to hold a Visitor Visa when your cruise arrives at the New Zealand port.
  • Your visa expires 28 days after arrival at the first port or when the shipleaves.

Whichever happens first.

You will need to apply for a fresh visa if you plan to stay in New Zealand. A fresh visa requirement is also applicable if you leave the cruise to fly back home.

  • You fail to meet the character requirements.
  • Circumstances have changed since you were granted the visa.
  • You refuse to provide permission for fingerprints, iris scans or for being photographed.
  • You fail to provide evidence of the required funds or any onward travel according to the conditions of your Visitor Visa.
  • Transit travellers satisfying the criteria for VFTF should meet the prevailing entry requirements before entering Singapore. The Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) officers at the point of entry will assess and determine entry.
  • Any extension of stay in Singapore for transit travellers under the VFTF is strictly not permitted.

Indian National Transit Travellers

Indian nationals in transit to or from any third country through Singapore are eligible for the 96-hour VFTF.

However, this is subject to meeting the following requirements.

  • Irrespective of the mode of transport you have used to enter Singapore, you should only depart via air or sea.
  • Transit travellers should also have a valid onward air/ferry/cruise ticket departing Singapore within 96 hours.
  • With a validity of at least 1 month from the date of entry into Singapore under VFTF, transit travellers must have a valid visa or long-term pass issued by any of the countries listed in the table below.

List of Countries for VFTF

Australia Canada Germany
Japan New Zealand Switzerland
United Kingdom United States of America


Visas are considered valid only as long as they are good for entry into any of the 8 listed countries above.