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Malaysia has introduced the Malaysia Electronic Visa for Indians since March 2016. This has made travel for Indians to Malaysia much easier. However, the Malaysia Tourist Visa is available only for those who stay in the country for less than 30 days.

People wanting to stay in Malaysia for 6 months or more will have to obtain the Malaysia Sticker Visa (Stamp Visa) from the Malaysian Embassy. In comparison with the Malaysia eVisa, the procedure for obtaining the Malaysia Sticker Visa is far more complex.

What is a Malaysia Tourist Visa?

Malaysia Tourist Visa is a document enabling a foreign national to visit the country for a particular time.

There are two ways you can apply for a Malaysia Visa.

  • You can apply online.
  • Or, you can visit the Malaysian Representative Office in your country of residence to apply.

You can apply for an eVisa from anywhere in the world except Singapore or Malaysia.

What is the Eligibility for a Malaysia Visa?

The Malaysia Tourist Visa is also known as Visa without Reference or VTR. All international visitors entering Malaysia will be provided with social visit passes at the gazetted entry points.

You are eligible to visit Malaysia for the following purposes:

  • Tourism
  • Visiting Relatives
  • Attending Meetings
  • Attending Conferences
  • Attending Seminars
  • Journalism / Reporting
  • Inspection of Factory
  • Signing Agreements
  • Auditing Company Accounts
  • Surveying Investment Opportunities
  • Setting Up Factories
  • Student Visa on Goodwill Missions
  • Sitting for Examinations
  • Other Approved Purposes

How to Apply for a Malaysia Tourist Visa?

The Malaysia Visa application procedure follows this protocol. Be cautious about requirements for these steps.

  • Determining the purpose of the visit – This depends upon the type of visa you are seeking and the purpose of the visit. Choose for a visa without reference if you are in for a short trip.
  • Providing information in the relevant application form – You are required to provide your personal information in the visa application form. Take care as these details may coincide with the valid documents.
  • Attaching documents required for the specified visa – This is the unavoidable aspect of the Malaysia Visa. While some documents are common in any type of visa, others may vary.
  • Applying along with the requisite fee – Ensure that you pay the required service fee as per the visa you have applied for. This could be a reason otherwise for the delay of your visa.
  • Processing the visa application – Different visas need varying time for processing. Seeking the services of immigration consultants can be very helpful.
  • Visa confirmation – This will be delivered as per your choice. You can also choose to visit the Malaysian Embassy to collect the visa confirmation if you chose to do so.

Eligibility Requirements of Malaysia Visitor Visas

The Electronic Travel Registration and Information (eNTRI) is a visa waiver and online registration programme. This facilitates the entrance of Indian Nationals into Malaysia for the purpose of tourism.

The eNTRI Note is proof of registration and is required to be presented upon arrival in Malaysia.

Terms & Conditions for Availing the eNTRI Visa

  • The eNTRI facility is available for Indian citizens and Indian national expatriates residing in other countries, except Singapore.
  • This is a single-entry visa with 15 days duration of stay. The eNTRI Note is issued with a validity of 3 months.
  • Ensure that payment for an eNTRI visa is done online.
  • Indian eNTRI Note holders should enter Malaysia by a direct flight from India or by air, or land via Singapore, Thailand, or Brunei.
  • Those eNTRI Note holders residing abroad (except Singapore) can enter or leave Malaysia to/from any country.
  • Expatriate Indians must declare their professional business / technical category, work information, and long-term pass information.
  • eNTRI visa holders must obtain confirmed tickets before travelling to Malaysia.
  • There is a 45-days cooling-off period before eNTRI Note holders can register again for this Visa Waiver Programme.
This visa procedure is very simple for people wanting to visit Malaysia as tourists. The number of tourists visiting the country has drastically increased since this has been introduced.

The Malaysia eVisa is a paper visa that you need to print out and carry it along with your passport.

You can apply for any one of these depending upon the purpose of your visit and travel plan:

  • Single Entry eVisa (SEV) for 30 Days
  • Multiple Entry eVisa (MEV) for 30 Days

Both these visas are valid for 30 days from the day of issue. They allow you to enter and exit Malaysia from and to any country.

This is the ideal Malaysia Visa option for people wanting to stay in the country for more than 30 days. Malaysia Sticker Visa or Stamp Visa allows you to stay in the country from 6 months to a year.

The Malaysia Sticker Visa procedure is a bit more complex when compared to the eVisa.

Transit Without Visa (TWOV) is available to citizens of Indian nationality at Malaysian airports. Transit visa holders can stay in Malaysia for a maximum of 5 days (120 hours). It is however used for a short span of time and in urgency.

No extension is possible on the Malaysia transit pass.

Conditions for Availing the Malaysia Transit Pass

  • The applicant should arrive and depart from the same point.
  • The applicant should hold a confirmed onward ticket.
  • All documents required for the next destination should be provided.
  • Proof of sufficient funds in the form of cash, debit, or credit cards.

Visas from Countries Mentioned Below are Valid

Australia China Japan
New Zealand Taiwan South Korea
United States of America

Source: High Commission of Malaysia, New Delhi

You are not eligible for a Visa on Arrival in Malaysia if you are travelling from India.

You should be arriving in Malaysia from any one of these three countries to be eligible.

  • Singapore
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia

Visa on Arrival is only valid for a maximum of 7 days and cannot be extended.

Conditions for Visa on Arrival in Malaysia –

  • You are required to enter Malaysia from a third country.
  • You should have a valid visa of the country from where you enter Malaysia.
  • The applicant should hold a confirmed return flight ticket.
  • The applicant should have US$1000 as cash to show financial credibility.
  • Tickets or boarding passes are needed to prove that you are coming from a specific country.

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Foreign Nationals Eligible for eVisa

China India Sri Lanka
Nepal Myanmar Bangladesh
Pakistan Bhutan Serbia


What Documents are Required for Malaysia Tourist Visa?

The Government of Malaysia is very strict on these parameters. Ensure that you submit all necessary documents with your visa application.

Documents required for the Malaysia Tourist Visa as per categories are as follows –

  • Passport – Indian passport that is valid at least for the next 6 months.
  • A Recent Photograph – This passport size photograph should be recent and according to the provided specifications.
  • Confirmed Return Flight Ticket – This is to ensure that you have the provision of safely getting back home.
  • Proof of Accommodation – This can include your hotel booking in Malaysia or stay with family and friends.

You would require to present the following additional documents upon arrival in Malaysia.

  • Printed Copy of the Approved eNTRI Note – You are required to present this at the immigration checking office upon arrival in Malaysia.
  • Boarding Pass – This is proof of your return journey back home upon completion of your trip to Malaysia.
  • Proof of Sufficient Funds – It will ensure that you can effectively manage the costs of living during your stay in Malaysia.
  • Complete Travel Documents & Itinerary – You are required to provide an account of movement and a list of destinations you intend to visit in Malaysia.

The eNTRI visa option is the best bet for a short trip of 10 – 15 days in Malaysia. Travellers wanting to spend more time than 15 days in Malaysia should go for the Malaysia eVisa that has longer validity.

  • Application Form – Fill out the requisite entry form. Strictly follow the guidelines and provide all the details asked for. Seek professional help if you feel the need to do so.
  • Soft Copy of Passport Size Photo – This needs to be scanned with a measurement of 35 – 50 mm and saved in png or jpg format. Stick to the specifications provided by the embassy.
  • Stamped Pages of Passport – The scanned coloured pages of the front and back of the passport are mandatory with the eVisa application. The stamped pages of your previous travel are not essential. They however improve chances of approval.
  • Birth Certificate – Attach a scanned copy of birth certificates. This requirement is only for minors aged below 14 years. It is a must for eVisa SEV and eVisa MEV seekers.
  • Flight Ticket – This is mandatory for Malaysia eVisa seeking applicants. Attach a copy of to and from Malaysia flight tickets. It provides weight to your application.
  • Accommodation Details – The process is the same for hotel reservations. You need to provide proof of accommodation for your stay in Malaysia.

Pay attention to the dimensions of scanned copies and photos. Adhere to the guidelines provided in the application form. You need not worry about these basics if you avail visa services of an immigration agent.

  • Visa Application Form – The requisite application form should be completely filled (back-to-back) in block letters. It should also be duly signed by the applicant.
  • Original Passport – The passport should be valid for the next 6 months at least upon arrival in Malaysia. It should also have 3 completely blank pages for the purpose of visa stamping.
  • 2 Recent Passport Size Photographs – One photo should be loose and the other attached to the application form. 60 – 70% of the face should be visible on a white background. Photo size – 3.5cmX5cm.
  • Confirmed Return Air Tickets – Flight details and eTicket numbers that are confirmed should be attached to your application form.
  • NOC for Minors – Minors under 18 years of age and travelling to Malaysia without parents will require a NOC from either of the parents. The passport photocopies of parents should also be attached.

The applicant must attach a letter stating the reason for failing to travel on a Malaysia visa issued before. Failing to do this can result in rejection of the visa.

  • Form IMM 47 – Completed and duly signed. This form should be printed on both sides of an A4 paper. Printing on 2 pieces of paper is not accepted.
  • Valid Passport – The applicants’ valid passport is to be submitted along with the transit visa application. This will be duly returned along with the transit visa approval.
  • 2 Passport Size Photographs – One photo should be loose and the other should be attached to the application form. Photos should also be as per specifications.
  • Flight Ticket – Copies of return or onward flight ticket is to be provided with the Transit Visa application.
  • Proof of Funds – This can be in the form of endorsements of Foreign Exchange in the passport.
You are not eligible for a Visa on Arrival in Malaysia in case you are travelling from India. You would be eligible only if you are arriving in Malaysia from Singapore, Thailand, or Indonesia.

Equip yourself with the following documents to avail Visa on Arrival in Malaysia..

  • A valid visa issued by a third country.
  • Onward or return air ticket
  • Possess at least $ 1,000
  • $100 fee for Visa on Arrival

Moreover, Visa on Arrival is only valid for a maximum of 7 days and cannot be extended.

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