Dubai Tourist Visa from India 2022

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Dubai is one of the world-famous destinations known for tourism in 2022. It is much popularly known for its rich culture and outstanding lifestyle in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Every year millions of people from all over the world visit and have a wonderful time in Dubai.

The interest in visiting Dubai is increasing year by year. Additionally, Indians remain as the top international source market for arriving in Dubai. Last year, 16 million international people travelled to Dubai on visit purpose, and Indians accounted for over 2 million travellers.

What Documents are Needed for a Dubai Visit Visa?

While processing your applications for the Dubai Visit Visa, you need to be very specific while providing every document.

Failure in any submission can lead your application to face hurdles.

  • Need to provide an application form that does not have any incomplete information.
  • Should be able to provide copies relating to the sponsor’s passport and family members’ passport.
  • If you are sponsoring your partner or spouse, then you should be able to provide valid documents that prove your relationship.
  • If you are sponsoring children, then you should be able to provide their birth certificates.
  • Copies of identity proofs.
  • Recent Photographs.
  • If employed, need to provide employer statements, salary statements, etc.
  • Cover letter relating your visit purpose and duration of the stay.
  • Financial funds to support your stay.

How to Apply for a Dubai Tourist Visa?

Steps to apply for Dubai Tourist Visa

  • Step 1: You need to fill the Tourist Visa application form.
  • Step 2: Fix valid photos for the application form.
  • Step 3: Take a print of the application form and put your signature from the specified location.
  • Step 4: Need to provide all valid documents for your visa application process.
  • Step 5: Submit your application form to the UAE Visa Processing Centre with the required amount of fees.
  • Step 6: Once you are done with application submission, you can check the status online.

Cost for different types of Dubai Visas at a Glance

Visa Type New UAE Visa Fees (INR)
30 Days Tourist Visa 6,000
48 Hours Transit Visa 845
96 Hours Transit Visa 1,895
90 Days Tourist Visa 14,555
Express Tourist Visa 7,655
Express 48 Hours Transit Visa 2,500
Express 96 Hours Transit Visa 3,550
90 Days Multiple Entry Long-Term Visa 35,230
30 Days Multiple Entry Short-Term Visa 14,025
Cancellation Charges 2,280

What is a Dubai Tourist Visa?

If you are a non-citizen aiming to visit Dubai, then you need to get a Visit Visa. With this visa, you are allowed to spend your leisure time within this world-famous city of UAE.

This is a short-period visa. You may be expected to leave the country after 30 or 90 days. However, there are even ways to convert the UAE Visit Visa to either an employment or residence visa.

What are the eligibility criteria for Dubai Visa?

If you are planning to visit Dubai, then you should be capable to meet these eligibility criteria:

  • If you are under 21 years, then you should be accompanied by an immediate relative (i.e. either parents or siblings above 21 years).
  • Female passengers irrespective of any should be accompanied by the father, or adult brother, or husband or adult son or by an immediate relative.

Note: Traveling insurance is mandatory for travelers.

The nationals belonging to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) do not need a visa to visit the UAE. They are granted a visa upon arrival to the UAE with valid passports.

The list of GCC countries are:

  • Bahrain
  • Kuwait
  • Oman
  • Qatar
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Arab Emirates
The visa requirements which are needed for the GCC citizens are:
  • There is no need of obtaining a visa to visit the UAE or Dubai.
  • Non-citizens belonging to high-level officials such as managers, doctors, engineers, etc. can have a 30-day non-renewable visa available at all the airports in the UAE upon arrival.
  • Tourists from the rest of the nationalities have to get a visa before they enter the country. However, they can even contact a local sponsor from the UAE or an immigration consultant, etc.
South Korea
Argentina Bahamas
Solomon Islands


Things to be taken care of:

  • The people or the citizens belonging from the above countries can get a visa upon arrival for 90 days from the entry date with the normal passports.
  • The visa type is extendable.
  • These passport holders can stay for more than six months.
Country List:
Andorra Australia Brunei Canada
Vatican City Hong Kong Ireland Japan
Malaysia Chile Monaco Russia
San Marino Seychelles Singapore Ukraine
Mauritius China Kazakhstan New Zealand
United Kingdom United States of America


Things to be taken care of:

  • You can obtain a visa upon arrival for 30 days from the entry date with the normal passports of the candidates.
  • The visa can be extendable with a total validity of 60 days from the entry date.
  • The passports you hold have to be normal with a validity of over six months.
  • This visa type is also referred to as a multi-entry visa allowing the visa holder to spend 30-day validity regardless of where you are, i.e. in or out of the UAE.
  • Any number of days spent outside of the UAE will be calculated from the 40-day validity.
There are two main types of Visit Visas.

90-Day Long-term Visit Visa

  • Non-renewable visa with 60 days validity from the issue date
  • Non-renewable visa with 90 days validity from the arrival date

30-day Short-term Visit Visa

  • Non-renewable visa with 30 days validity from the issue date
  • Non-renewable visa with 30 days validity from the arrival date

Transit Visa for Dubai

Transit Visa types are sponsored by the UAE based airlines and they have to get processed and approved before moving ahead for the UAE. The visas under this category are not extendable. The UAE government issues two types of UAE Transit Visas.

  • 48 Hours Visa: This visa is free of cost.
  • 96 Hours Visa: This isn’t a free visa and it cost 50 AED.

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